January 29, 2021

Over the past year or so, I’ve developed a deep appreciation for journaling and wanted to share my “why” and “how” behind it. Typically, I journal in the morning as part of my morning ritual, although before going to bed can also be a great time to write down your thoughts. 

Journaling is a very therapeutic, stress-reducing activity that allows me to declutter my mind. It helps me collect my thoughts and process life’s experiences. Through journaling, I’ve gotten to know myself better. When I pick up the pen and open my journal, I allow my thoughts to flow freely without putting any pressure on myself. I might ask why I am feeling a certain way about something and then write whatever comes up without censorship. This process gives me a chance to observe and explore what is in my head and heart. It also provides an opportunity to identify negative thoughts and evoke change by replacing them with positive affirmations. 

You can use several different techniques (journal prompts, stream of consciousness, gratitude lists, etc.), but there is no right or wrong way to journal. Just do what feels right to you. After all, the point of doing it is for YOU. Journaling encourages self-awareness, and when you understand your emotional needs, you can begin to start taking care of yourself. 

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Why and How I Journal



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