January 29, 2021

Your bedroom should feel like a luxurious, personalized retreat – a cozy, peaceful, and beautiful place that you look forward to being in. The colors, linens, and furniture you select are personal choices that should be curated with intention. This looks different for everyone but here are some tips I stand by. 

1. Only fill your bedroom with items you truly love 

Don’t love it? Then don’t buy it! Already own it and don’t love it? Consider donating, selling, or possibly giving it a facelift. It’s amazing what a coat of paint on something can do. Find items that make your heartbeat a little faster and run with those. 

2. Upgrade your bedding

Invest in quality bedding. A nice set of sheets and duvet cover make such a difference.  We recently got the Parachute Linen duvet cover, and slipping into bed each night suddenly feels a bit more luxurious! 

3. Opt for a silk pillowcase

I’ve been using a silk pillowcase for over two years now and am a big fan. I will say that while I notice my hair does feel smoother in the mornings, my favorite thing about it is how cooling it feels. 

4. Layer textures

A great way to add dimension and visual interest to your bedroom is to add layers. Try putting a cozy blanket on the foot of the bed or adding a rug. I layered a sheepskin rug over another rug in our bedroom, and it feels so lovely on my feet first thing in the morning! Window treatments are another easy way to add texture. Since I’m limited in what I can do with them in our current place, I found some airy panels and put them on our canopy bed to achieve a similar vibe. 

5. Style your furniture

Don’t neglect your nightstand and dresser! Elevate these pieces by adding decor of various heights that you love. Styling (when done correctly) is so transformational and will instantly upgrade your bedroom, I promise. 

6. Create ambiance with various lighting

Lighting is key and allows you to create a mood. Add lamps to nightstands and dressers, and wall sconces to each side of the bed. The trick is to layer lighting sources. 

7. Don’t underestimate the power of fresh flowers

Flowers are a relatively inexpensive and simple way to add a special touch to your bedroom. Let’s be honest, fresh flowers make everything better. Eucalyptus is another great option and evokes a calming vibe. 

8. Invest in a high-quality candle

I’m always burning a candle and believe you can never have too many. While I don’t necessarily burn only expensive ones, lighting a high-end candle in your bedroom instantly makes it feel more luxe. I love burning one as part of my evening ritual before I read in bed. The warm glow and the fragrance filling the room helps me relax and unwind. If candles aren’t your thing, try a nice room spray. 

  1. Pillow 2. Duvet 3. Sheets 4. Nightstand 5. Vase 6. Candle

How to make your bedroom feel more luxurious



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