I live for feeling inspired, that empowering, aha moment, where you feel connected to a powerful source of energy. Inspiration causes us to take purposeful action and can motivate us to create or try something new. My hope for this blog is to do just that, INSPIRE. 

I have always been a visual person and passionate about interiors, fashion, beauty, and photography. This blog is an outlet for me to combine all of my interests into one creative endeavor. Through the act of creating, I have been able to see myself and discover my purpose. Fueled by inspiration, my eyes are constantly seeking beauty. As a young girl, I can remember flipping through magazines and tearing out pages with things that caught my eye. I loved creating vision boards so I could see all my inspiration in one place. To this day, magazines and vision boards continue to play an integral part in my creative process. 

Creating a blog is something that I have wanted to do for many years. Not wanting to go through life anymore thinking “what if”, I finally allowed myself to release limiting beliefs that held me back. It’s incredible what can happen when we get out of our own way!
In addition to the blog, I am the founder of an interior design and styling atelier, Tricia Runkel Home. Currently based in New York City!

I grew up on a farm

As a proud farmer’s daughter, I thank my dad for showing me the value of hard work. 

Paris is my muse 

It’s my dream to live there one day. The next step is learning French. 

I’m petite

5’0 tall, to be exact.