January 30, 2021

“Winter is a time to pause, reflect and renew for the coming Spring.” – Eileen Anglin

The last month has been a whirlwind but in the best way. I’ve been nose to the ground working on everything to get this blog and the Tricia Runkel Home website ready to launch. Between photoshoot planning, writing copy, and web design, it has been a busy month. As I sit down to write this and reflect, I can’t help but feel a sense of gratitude. I am grateful that I (finally) decided to get out of my own way and release limiting beliefs that have held me back. I am thankful for this season of life and the personal growth I have experienced.

I might be the minority here, but I look forward to January! I welcome the slowdown of Winter and love any type of fresh start. For me, January feels like a time to reset. The new possibilities energize me. I like to take the month and cleanse from both a health and a personal standpoint. No alcohol, clean eating, and organizing my home (closets, cupboards, etc.) are included in this annual ritual, and it honestly feels so refreshing. I also think having a birthday at the end of January gives me something to look forward to amidst the gloomy Chicago weather!

Inspired by…

The launch of Tricia Runkel Home and this blog! Bringing both of these to life has lit me up from my core. I’m sure you have heard the saying, “If it excites you and scares you at the same time you should probably do it”, and that has never resonated more with me than right now. This experience has been exciting yet terrifying all at the same time, but I AM HERE FOR IT! We only get one life, so why the hell not?!

Looking ahead…

I am hitting the ground running with Tricia Runkel Home this month! In addition to design work, Brian and I are planning a road trip to NYC at the end of February. I really miss traveling and am looking forward to a change of scenery. NYC is one of my favorite cities and just thinking about being there excites me! Call me crazy, but I even love it in the Wintertime. I know with Covid restrictions still in place it will look a little different than previous trips, but I am excited nonetheless. 

At the Moment, Jan/Feb ‘21



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